GPU-backed Jupyter Notebooks#

Jupyter notebooks are a useful tool for interactive development, debugging, and visualization. SkyPilot makes the process of running a GPU-backed Jupyter notebook simple by automatically managing provisioning and port forwarding.

To get a machine with a GPU attached, use:

# Launch a VM with 1 NVIDIA GPU and forward port 8888 to localhost
sky launch -c jupyter-vm --gpus K80:1
ssh -L 8888:localhost:8888 jupyter-vm


View the supported GPUs with the sky show-gpus command.

Use ssh jupyter-vm to SSH into the VM. Inside the VM, you can run the following commands to start a Jupyter session:

pip install jupyter
jupyter notebook

In your local browser, you should now be able to access localhost:8888 and see the following screen:

Jupyter authentication window

Enter the password or token and you will be directed to a page where you can create a new notebook.

Create a new Jupyter notebook

You can verify that this notebook is running on the GPU-backed instance using nvidia-smi.

nvidia-smi in notebook

The GPU node is a normal SkyPilot cluster, so you can use the usual CLI commands on it. For example, run sky down/stop to terminate or stop it, and sky exec to execute a task.

Notebooks in SkyPilot tasks#

Jupyter notebooks can also be used in SkyPilot tasks, allowing access to the full range of SkyPilot’s features including mounted storage and autostop.

The following jupyter.yaml is an example of a task specification that can launch notebooks with SkyPilot.

# jupyter.yaml

name: jupyter

  accelerators: K80:1

    source: s3://fah-public-data-covid19-cryptic-pockets
    mode: MOUNT

setup: |
  pip install --upgrade pip
  conda init bash
  conda create -n jupyter python=3.9 -y
  conda activate jupyter
  pip install jupyter

run: |
  cd ~/sky_workdir
  conda activate jupyter
  jupyter notebook --port 8888

Launch the GPU-backed Jupyter notebook:

sky launch -c jupyter jupyter.yaml

To access the notebook locally, use SSH port forwarding.

ssh -L 8888:localhost:8888 jupyter

You can verify that this notebook has access to the mounted storage bucket.

accessing covid data from notebook