Requesting Quota Increase#

Most cloud providers enforce a quota policy to limit the number of VM instances that can exist in a given region. Users may encounter QuotaExceeded or VcpuLimitExceeded errors during resources provisioning, especially for high end GPUs such as V100/A100. To check or increase your quota limits, please follow the below instructions. After submitting the request, it will usually take a few days for the support team to review. To increase chances of being approved, you may respond their inquiry emails on how the requested resources will be used your projects.


  1. Go to the EC2 Quotas console.

  2. Select a region on the top right.

  3. Choose an EC2 instance type from the list (e.g, Running On-Demand P instances or All P Spot Instance Requests). Use sky show-gpus --cloud aws --all or check here for more instance types.

  4. Click the quota name, and then choose Request quota increase.

  5. For Change quota value, enter the new value.

  6. Choose Request.


  1. First go to Azure’s quota page.

  2. Select Request Increase near the top of the screen.

  3. For Quota type, select Compute-VM (cores-vCPUs) subscription limit increases. Hint: note that a message “Get more quota now. You don’t need a support ticket to get more quota…” may pop up; feel free to skip it as requesting quotas for most GPU instances still requires creating support tickets (next steps).

  4. Select Next to go to the Additional details screen, then select Enter details.

  • In the Quota details screen:

  • For Deployment model, ensure Resource Manager is selected.

  • For Locations, select all regions in which you want to increase quotas.

  • For each region you selected, select one or more VM series from the Quotas drop-down list.

  • For each VM Series you selected (e.g., NCSv3, NDv2 for V100 instances), enter the new vCPU limit that you want for this subscription. You may check for more VM Series.

  • When you’re finished, select Save and continue.

  1. Enter or confirm your contact details, then select Next.

  2. Finally, ensure that everything looks correct on the Review + create page, then select Create to submit your request.


  1. In the Google Cloud Console, go to the Quota page.

  2. Click Filter and select Service: Compute Engine API.

  3. Choose Limit Name: instance_name. (e.g., NVIDIA-V100-GPUS-per-project-region). You may check the the compute GPU list.

  4. Select the checkbox of the region whose quota you want to change.

  5. Click Edit Quotas and fill out the new limit.

  6. Click Submit Request.


  1. Go to the OCI Limits, Quotas and Usage console to check your current resources status.

  2. Click the request a service limit increase link on the page if you want to increase quotas.

  3. Choose a Service Category from the list (e.g, Compute).

  4. Choose a Resource from the list (e.g, GPUs for GPU.A10 based VM and BM Instances). Use sky show-gpus --cloud oci --all or check here for more instance types.

  5. Enter the Limit field for your new limit and Reason for request for justification.

  6. Click Create Support Request to submit.

  7. You may check OCI Service Limits for more information.