Usage Collection#

SkyPilot collects usage stats by default. This data will only be used by the SkyPilot team to improve its services and for research purpose. We will not sell data or buy data about you.

What data is collected?#

We collect non-sensitive data that helps us understand how SkyPilot is used. We will redact your setup, run, and env from the collected data.

How to disable it#

To disable usage collection, set the SKYPILOT_DISABLE_USAGE_COLLECTION environment variable by export SKYPILOT_DISABLE_USAGE_COLLECTION=1.

How does it work?#

When a SkyPilot CLI or entrypoint function is called, SkyPilot will do the following:

  1. Check the environment variable SKYPILOT_DISABLE_USAGE_COLLECTION is set: 1 means disabled and 0 means enabled.

  2. If the environment variable is not set or set to 0, it will collect information about the cluster and task resource requirements

  3. If the environment variable is set to 1, it will skip any message sending.