Cluster YAML Configuration

Cluster YAML Configuration

SkyPilot On-prem’s cluster config simplifies the system administrator’s job with a simple YAML interface, which includes cluster-specific hyperparameters and an authentication method. The admin maintains a private cluster YAML and publishes a public distributable cluster YAML, which is generated by SkyPilot, for regular users.

All fields are described below:

# Header for cluster specific data.
# This field appears for both private and distributable cluster YAMLs.
  # List of IPS/hostnames in the cluster. The first element is the head node.
  ips: [my.local.cluster.hostname,,]
  name: my-local-cluster

# How users authenticate into the local cluster
  ssh_user: ubuntu  # User account.
  ssh_private_key: ~/.ssh/ubuntu.pem  # Private keypair.

# Path to the python binary to be used by SkyPilot. Must be the same on all nodes and executable by all users.
# This field is only specified in the distributable YAMLs for users.
python: /usr/bin/python3