Welcome to SkyPilot!

Welcome to SkyPilot!


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Run jobs on any cloud, easily and cost effectively

SkyPilot is a framework for easily and cost effectively running ML workloads on any cloud.

SkyPilot abstracts away cloud infra burden:

  • Launch jobs & clusters on any cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, Lambda Cloud)

  • Find scarce resources across zones/regions/clouds

  • Queue jobs & use cloud object stores

SkyPilot cuts your cloud costs:

  • Managed Spot: 3x cost savings using spot VMs, with auto-recovery from preemptions

  • Autostop: hands-free cleanup of idle clusters

  • Benchmark: find best VM types for your jobs

  • Optimizer: 2x cost savings by auto-picking best prices across zones/regions/clouds

SkyPilot supports your existing GPU, TPU, and CPU workloads, with no code changes.

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